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Volunteering with COI
10-14 day Short Term Assistance:

During your stay we will involve you and your team in the communities we work alongside.  You will have a focus which could be a people group or a project for the time you are here. Your time with us will help COI to improve our reach into the local communities and introduce you to a new kind of living and serving.

Short Term Opportunities:

  • Vocational Training Skills
  • Urban Youth Outreach
  • After School Tutoring
  • Village Empowerment
  • Crisis Response
  • Leadership Training
  • Health Training
  • Medical Clinics

3 month to 1 year Internship:

During this time you will be working along side many of our dedicated staff.  Once you have chosen your focus you will be asked to be accountable for the work you are completing as well as keeping a record of your progress. You will be serving COI as a whole at the same time you will be learning much about yourself and the nation of India.  It will be an exciting adventure for you and COI will be beside you every step of the way!

Internship Opportunities:

  • After school tutoring curriculum
  • English teachers
  • Business skill training
  • Beautician courses
  • Office organization/administration
  • College age event planning/follow-up
  • Project proposal/grant writing
  • Women’s health program
  • Men’s training
  • Teaching

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