Our Communities

Cooperative Outreach of India had been actively pursuing underprivileged communities throughout North India. We serve our people through livelihood projects, bore wells, education centres, vocational training centres, health clinics, hospitals, television broadcasts and other various community activities and festivals. We desire to see these communities transformed with Truth and Love!

Our Women

Cooperative Outreach of India actively seeks opportunities to engage women is these communities throughout North India. Indian women are the foundation of the home and work hard to keep the family together and fulfilled even when there might not be enough in the home to do that physically! We desire to empower these women through education, self-help groups, loan management, and community gatherings with other local women. Through these activities we have seen a growth in our women's confidence, character, and ability to provide for their families.

Our Children

Cooperative Outreach of India serves more then 1000 children from different communities by our team of dedicated staff. We provide education, sponsorship, school supplies, sports activities, health clinics, and summer camps. These children would otherwise never receive this love and attention provided through our projects and informal schools. Through these activities we desire to encourage our children into further educational and social opportunities.


COI is registered with the Government of India to receive foreign funds. As such you are able to channel funds towards specific projects or in general to the work of COI. We are in need of resources and as God leads you to give we will receive it with a thankful heart. For remittance of funds to COI, you can send a bank draft or check in favor of “Cooperative Outreach of India” and mail to cooperativeoutreachindia@gmail.com

Your contribution allows us to bring relief to communities that are marginalized.

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