Self-reliance through Live Stock

Cooperative Outreach of India has been helping rural families in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh providing livelihood through goats, poultry birds, cows and other animals. These families have also received fruit and vegetable plants and high yield seeds with the help of Agriculture Universities and the Government Department. Bothar Ireland also sponsored part of this project.  Each family that receives a gift of animal passes on the offspring to another deserving family. This is our “Passing on the Gift” program. This project helps build trust and encourages brotherhood in the community.

Livelihood Projects        

Agricultural practices comprise the majority of livelihood in this region, COI in collaboration with Heifer International has launched several farmers education and livestock projects.  Our programs include goat breeding, skills in animal husbandry, an introduction of improved farming methods and innovative horticulture practices and management. Heifer International has partnered in implementing these projects in Orissa State. There are also six local partners who were part of our team who helped in implementing in various districts of Orissa.

Empowerment & Livelihood Project through Bothar in Uttarakhand and UP
Uttaranchal is a newly carved state from UP and shares borders with Nepal. The Tharu tribes living in this region practice traditional agriculture methods. COI is assisting 350 families in this region alongside Bothar. Bothar is an organization that is involved in providing livestock and improved horticultural and agricultural practices through various kinds of trainings to local farmers.