Director’s Note

Cooperative Outreach of India is grateful to its stakeholder who have continually supported and encouraged us in the process of development.  Our Board of Directors are always a great encouragement to us in every important decision.

We have realized that most of our target communities are young folk who are on the crucial time of their careers. Equipping and educating them plays a vital role in their lives. We strongly believe that the development of nation takes place when its people are empowered. COI has always taken lead in empowering the weak and encouraging who can make a difference. We have experienced that education and empowering with knowledge and skill is a double edged sword that can eliminate the poverty and ignorance that our society is gripped.

We have participated in the development process with target communities and have seen result that is very encouraging. As for as job friendly skills are concerned COI has been providing those skills to the youth women and all eligible people in the community through its direct intervention. In the past we have seen huge transformation in our target areas.

Social justice and equality is our agenda when we enter in any partnership. Community participation has become the hallmark in the community decision-making process.

Cooperative Outreach of India has been focusing on youth and children in a big way. On behalf of COI and our team I would like to say that we are thankful to God for enabling us to serve His creation in a way that gives them their respect and dignity in the practical life. COI has been helping community in their social, spiritual and practical life as well.

Cooperative Outreach of India has worked without ceasing for alleviating the poverty in the community. We also want to create awareness in the areas of gender equality.

We have realized the power of networking and collaboration with other partners to increase the sphere of influence on the social strata of the population.  We acknowledge all our success and efforts for the glory of our God who enables us to carry our work.

Ps 29:11 The LORD will give strength to His people; The LORD will bless His people with peace.

Thank you
Ramesh Landge
Executive Director